Managed to get my hands on Smallwood, Ito, Christian Kirk, and today…Chubb. Streamed Trubisky this week with Russell’s BYE.
10 team-PPR

Heading into this week…2-4.

QB: Trubisky
RB: Gurley, Coleman
WR: Evans, C Kirk (made 8 pts)
TE: OJ Howard
FLEX: ???
DST: ARZ (we saw how that went…GRRRR)
K: Fa’imi

QB: Wilson (BYE)
RB: Chubb, Ito, Smallwood
WR: Dav Adams (BYE), Lockett (BYE), Kupp (O), Snead

(Can’t decide who to throw into FLEX at this point).

BUT…my main question here is…picking up Chubb possibly enough to save me/give me any hope? :confused:

At this point I think I’d have to throw Chubb in ad see what he gets you. He’s now the guy and they’re going to want to see what he can do. I am concerned they get down too far and he is game scripted out. I’d still be :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Yeah…after today’s news about Hyde, I jumped on Chubb before anybody else could. (Gotta do SOMETHING with my measly 2-4)
Figuring throwing Chubb into FLEX is prob what I’ll plan to do since I’m not real convinced at this point that Smallwood is gonna be worth the pickup considering Clement is undoubtedly gonna be the “go-to” there. And I think Ito will prob be the BIG GUY by end of season…BUT…LOL…I need the POINTS/WINS NOW…or I might not even see the END OF SEASON!!!

So @SaltyGator …THANKS BUDDY for your feedback. LOL…I need ANY AND ALL help at this point!!! :grimacing:

Yeah man throw Chubb in at flex for sure. You’ve got good players, just need to put it all together.

Thank you @jaguileraroh. I’m trying!!! But…yeah…thanks more than you know. I need all the second thoughts on this I can get. That was my plan, but…every second thought helps!!! LOL…if I don’t pull this week off…………well…………not gonna scrap it, but…LOL…seriously thinking about giving my team a good stomping on. :rage: