Scared of playing 2 Cards

Alright, so I have David Johnson, and RSJ from the Cards. Clearly DJ is an auto, but that abysmal Cards offense has me scared about starting two players from there.

My waiver options are:
Ebron, OJ Howard, Watson, both PITT TE.

Whatchu think?

Wouldn’t mind playing RSJ but can understand the reluctance. See Jared Cook v Rams D for reassurance.


Yeah seals has a chance to put up good points, but I’d be nervous playing both too. I’d go Ebron. He did great last week and has a chance to do well in the matchup against Washington.

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Well now you’ve both made me want to start him.

I can probably hold out on making a decision for a couple days. And if I end up with RSJ I would still be happy.

When the stack includes David Johnson, is it really a stack?

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I’d hold onto RSJ if you can but I would start Ebron over him. Too much risk with their offense atm.


My thoughts are also coming from a die hard lions fan who still has a vendetta against ebron so take it for what it’s worth LOL. Steelers at home could provide decent production from either TE, should be a good week for BB if he can get over his little dinged up self.

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I can’t justify dropping anyone on my roster to hold two TE. That would make my heart wilt.

Alright, I think I am going to grab Ebron.

I didn’t draft a TE, grabbed Ebron after the draft, dropped for RSJ, so it would come full circle.

Fantasy Football is stressful. Lol