SCARY question - stream Jets DST this week?

anyone else crazy enough to think about streaming Jets this week on Thursday?

current DST is Chargers, gross

other waiver options

Colts v Chicago - will Foles be the slinger they want?
Packers v Falcons - never like shootout potentials for streamers
Cincy v Jax - kind of gross too
Houston v Vikings

Yes Jets are atrocious and despite playing from behind every week, Burrows has been slinging. I’d pick up Colts just because of how dominate they’ve been and let Foles try and beat them. Foles tore up Atlanta but keep in mind Atlanta’s defense is terrible.

Jets play Broncos, who are rolling out undrafted 2nd year QB from Boise State - Brett Rypien.

thats what makes me think Jets.

colts are on the top due to recent performance, but great point with ATL, back to back weeks of blown leads. but does QB situation in Denver change your stance on Jets?

edit: gotta at least spell the QB’s name right.

Not really cuz Jets are gunna Jets, but that’s just my personal opinion i see your argument. Colts D has just been dominant so far and Foles isn’t all of a sudden a great QB cuz he had 1 great quarter last week. He was still shipped from Philly > Jags and was hardly given an opportunity before he was shipped > Bears, and even THEN Trubisky still was given the start over him. Let him try and beat Colts D, if he shreds him then he proves that last week wasn’t a fluke, but i bet that once he faces a real defense he won’t look so hot.

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i think you might have convinced me here. it seems like the safer play than gambling on the jets.

according to the ballers, Number 2 is coaching for his job this week, but i wonder how many people on that team WANT to keep him.