Scary Terry or Damien Williams in the Flex

I’ve got Chubb and Gordon in Hopkins and Golladay in and need a Flex. Scary Terry or Damien Williams? I’m so leaning McLaurin’s way but the coaching change, coach stating they were going to run MUCH more, have me concerned. McLaurin and Keenum had a serious connection early on and he’s starting, and they are playing Mia.

Damien seems to have the top spot back in KC in what looks like a shootout against Hou.?

What would you do?

I like williams because of volume on runs and dump offs. I think either play can bust out 20 points and Williams I would say is more likely with more opportunity.

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is it ppr?

I’d lean Terry. They play the dolphins, meaning even if he only gets 10 targets, he should put up a good stat line. He’s the #1 guy there, so even with them running the ball he’ll see plenty of looks

KC uses a committee, and Houston is pretty good upfront. Expect a shootout, so less running, paired with McCoy and other Williams taking touches = not a great scenario this week

If the matchups this week were different I might lean Williams, but this week start Terry

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Thanks for the replies. My league is a full PPR.

Still really struggling with this one. I agree with both of the posts above and that’s what’ makes it tough.

If Gruden was still the coach I’d start Terry in a heartbeat, but with the Skins publicly stating they are just going to run the ball it concerns me.

Damien hasn’t done much to impress this year, but he could have a big game for sure. KCs game/RB usage from last week worries me too.

Both have downside but maybe McLaurin has the safer floor? He had over 50yds against NE, that seems like a feat in itself, especially with McCoy throwing him the ball.

Anyone else have an opinion?