Scary Terry Sell high

At this point I’m looking to offload Mclaurin. What do you all think is a good target?

I’m balanced at WR, RB, & QB. I could use a good TE, as I’m streaming at this point

Thoughts? and what are you guys doing with Scary Terry?

I’m in the same boat, trying to sell high for a RB. But I keep canceling the trade offer. He’s been great every week Keenum has been the QB. He’s someone I’m having a real hard time letting go of. I know about his upcoming schedule but he’s produced against the Bears and Pats.

Depends on who else is in my WR corps, I wouldn’t be actively looking to trade him unless I’m loaded

Update: I traded Scary terry for L Bell

How did you pull that off???

Good question… I traded high and Bell hasn’t been that great. And I know the new owner Loves the nickname “Scary Terry”

Know thy opponent