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With the added game, our league is going to 14 Week Regular Season to avoid bye weeks in playoffs. As the commissioner, I have randomized our schedule for over a decade but can’t find anything online to stream to my league. Any help appreciated. #footclan

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What platform are you on? Usually, the schedule is just an option in your commish settings.

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We have done Yahoo for 22 years before apps were even a thing. It seems multiple sites are that used to 17 week schedule that they aren’t adjusting to added game. Thanks for responding though. My brother is official commissioner but I don’t believe randomizing it is an option.

Weird. We used to play in Yahoo before switching to Fleaflicker. Never had issues with this. I started a league in Yahoo just now, but can’t play with the settings unless all the teams are filled. I would assuming if you go to League>>Settings and choose your playoffs (if you’re listening to the Ballers, you want championship Week 17 this year), then the schedule should set and be randomized. In your commissioner settings, you can go to Schedules & Playoffs>>Edit Schedules to modify further.

We definitely are having Title in Week 17 to avoid Week 14 byes being a part of the playoffs. I may look into fleaflicker & fill a league just to randomize my league schedule. Thanks for reply.