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Scheduling issue / help!

i have a league scheduling issue, hoping someone has an easy solution.

i’m in a 12 team league, and it’s set to 1 single division.
the current schedule has everyone playing two teams twice, and three other teams once. it looks like it still thinks there are 2 divisions.

i want it to be set so that everyone plays each other once, and then playing two other teams twice.

we’re four weeks in, and im noticing the issue starts around week 9

anyone have a solution?

if you’re in a 12 team league and you have regular season 1-13, playoffs 14-16 then you play each team once and two teams twice. You’re probably going to have to manually edit the schedule in order to get what you really need. Just make sure no teams have played the same team three times so far and you should be good to go. Just explain the situation to the league if they aren’t aware so no one is concerned.

What platform are you using? MFL, Sleeper, ESPN, etc.

I would say that once the league year is started you likely should not make a change to the schedule unless:

  • bylaws allow for it
  • there is 100% approval from managers