Scoring Advice Wanted!

We run a PPR league, going into our second season, 1 keeper, ESPN.

I want some advice on how you format scoring and here is why- Last year we did .25/carry and .5/catch, with .1/yard for all rushing and receiving. I have, for now, bumped up the reception points to .75 BECAUSE…last year the 22nd RB had 198 points, and the 22nd WR had only 163.5. The 30th RB had 171 and the 30th WR had 142.

Since we run a 2 RB/3WR/1 Flex roster, I want to narrow the gap between WR/RB points. Last year it was so obvious that RB’s were more valuable, AND we were required to find 1 more receiver, who wasn’t able to put up equal points.

With all that being said, isn’t that the point of PPR scoring? To narrow the scoring gaps between backs and receivers? And should they not be very even/equal at the end of the year, or SHOULD there more value in a RB1 than a WR1 all the way down to the flex plays?

Update, I decided to say screw it and just go with the universally accepted 1 point per reception and 0 points per rush attempt lol.

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I would hesitate to make changes based on one year. Last year was abnormally low for WR receptions and QB attempts.