Scoring Systems - Do you have a Preference?

I am the commissioner of a 10 man redraft league, and we are currently in a off-season deadlock.

5 Members in favor of the idea of any PPR Scoring, 5 Against.

Why do you prefer one over the other? I would like to bring in some outside input as to why one would be preferred over the other to help bring new light to the situation.

Note: I am lumping PPR and 1/2 PPR together here as the argument revolves mostly around the idea of PPR scoring all together.

Thanks for your input.

I haven’t done a standard league before but the PPR leagues i have been in feels like they give more of a balance to the positions… i.e. allows WRs and TEs a chance to score on the same level as a RB and QB. And in last years draft there were 6 WRs and 6 RBs taken in the 1st round, instead of all RBs. I think the “sweet spot” is 1/2 PPR

What platform are you using?

We are using ESPN

Then I would say .5 ppr is your best way forward. Not sure if ESPN allows it but .25 per carry is a good addition as well for RB and QB .

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.5 point is the way to go. It’s balanced and makes more players relevant, but doesn’t sckew scoring as much as full PPR.

But doesn’t it make an equal number of players irrelevant? Discounting non-pass catching RBs? The argument is that it just shifts the focus more to WR/TE and discounts QB/RBs. (Except for the few very successful pass catching RBs which them become more insanely elite: Bell Gurley Johnson…) If you wanted to raise the demand for WR wouldn’t it be better to just add an additional roster spot?

No, I don’t think so. It certainly makes certain RBs less relevant, but I think a lot more RBs become usable (think if the Theo Riddick/James White style RBs), than are devalued to the point of irrelevance. It also makes a lower end WR a more viable flex, thereby giving you a little more flexibility.

I am in in 1 .5ppr and 2 standard. I dont have a preference really other than as long as I haev 1 of each kind so I am not in 3 of the exact same leagues… Slightly different strategy with ppr so draft a little differently.

my ppr also has .1 point per rush and a whole bunch of other extras just to make it compeltely different.
Defense gets 1 point for a 3 and out
QB gets .1 per completion but also -.1 per in completion
defense gets bonus points for keeping yardage under certain thresholds.

I think I even added points for Int/Fumble return yards for the defense for next year.

That sounds super complicated, but some interesting ideas. I like the idea of rewarding QBs based in completion percentage.

Yahoo just had all these extra categories so I decided to use as many as I could. turns out they have a max and you cant use all the categories. I have had 2 years of using all the extra stats and tweak it every year to try and even out the positions. In fact I won this past year, then a week later tweaked it a little bit and it updated all the scores and I would have finished third using the new rules…

The thing I like about PPR scoring is that it limits the value of fluke TDs. In standard, a RB who gets 3 carries for 10 yards and a TD scores more than a WR who has 9 Catches for 63 yards. Elite players should get touches every week so even if they fail to score a TD in PPR they should be a top scorer.

The players who benefited the most from PPR compared to standard from an overall flex rank were Doyle, Walker, Amendola, Crowder, Cobb. Those most hurt by a switch were Derrick Henry, Stewart, Darkwa, Latavis Murray, Blount.

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Like many here said, 0.5 PPR is the sweet spot. Stud RBs will still be dominant, but it gives more depth in the draft to pick “other guys”.
In a 10 man league, any scoring format would do the trick, cause there’s a lot of great players to pick from in any format. Things get more interesting and PPR unlocks more players, if you go into 12/14 teams.

The best argument for PPR is that the players score more points and more players are relevant, running back in particular. You could get away with starting Darren Sproles or Shane Vereen as your flex because they should catch 3-5 passes for 25-30 yards, giving you a solid floor at the position.

Beyond anything else, it just makes it more fun when you’re watching your score going up and up because your team combined had 30 catches. That’s 30 more points for your team!


Where did you get the PPR vs Standard info? That is great data. I would be interested in seeing the % changer per player and the overall point change in the top 12 of a position.

I just whipped those up quick in an excel spreadsheet. I made a google sheet of top 200 PPR ESPN Flex Players you can view from link below.

You should be able to change the scoring on the “Scoring Sheet”. I defaulted it to a standard and full point PPR. Have sheets for All Flex, RB, WR and TE (Figured QB wouldn’t change a ton).

Let me know if you want me to add any other statistics.

Thanks man! This is a huge help. This type of data will be great to present to my league! If you don’t mind me asking, where do you download your raw data from?

And thanks to all of the Footclan that commented. Lots of things to think about here!

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I just went to ESPN fantasy football scoring leaders since that is where I play my redrafts. I did it hard way by copy and paste.