Scott, Taylor, or Mack

Need to choose between Scott, Taylor, Mack in full PPR

Mack for me.

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The value of Marlon Mack is supremely high! Those other guys will not impact the value of Marlon Mack! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: Oh the sleeper app…

Sleeper app?

I’m def on the outside of this joke.

Mack will be splitting carries with Taylor and i have the feeling that in the 2nd half of that game he could be getting most of the carries. With Sanders being out this week i think Scott is looking good. So for me personally i would go with Scott or if you are feeling risky i would take the flyer on Taylor

I’d probably go Scott with sanders out. Marlon Mack is splitting the backfield with Taylor and nyheim Heins likely doing passing work out of the backfield.

To me it’s Scott. He was great when sanders was out last year. Plus mack and Taylor are gonna be splitting the work load.

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I could be very very wrong.

But the way I see it… Mack is a starting RB. He just happens to have a very talented backup. There is no world, where without injury, Boston Scott is an NFL starting RB season long. So Mack wins at talent in week 1.

Both the Eagles and Colts will split backfield touches among their RBs. Scott/Clement and Mack/Taylor respectively.

So if the choice is between a really good RB with an opportunity against a bad defence vs a mediocre RB with an opportunity against a loaded “Football Team” deference front - I’ll go Mack.

Just wish I had Mack on at least one team to follow through with my projection.

Taylor is the man now.

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