Scrambling after McKinnon

Hey everyone.

I picked up Breida after the McKinnon news but I’m not liking my RBs for week one.

Fournette (RB1)
Lynch (vs LAR)
Kerryon (not a for sure starter but going against the Jets)
Breida (vs MN)
Boston Scott (possible sleeper?)

Should I pick up and start Blount, Clement, or Powell, or roll with one of the guys I already have? I’d drop Scott for any of those guys.

Thanks everyone!

Picking up Blount to go with Kerryon might be smart.

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Who else in on your bench? Bilal Powell should be on your team but I don’t want you to lose Boston Scott if possible.

I would be completely fine going Fournette and Lynch week 1 by the way. Lynch isnt in the best option but will receive volume

Don’t do this lol. This is a waste of roster space. I have Kerryon everywhere but don’t expect him to start for you. He’ll be a late season winner/bloomer.

I’d def pick up Powell, he seems to have starting job for now so see what developes there.

I didnt mean long term, but a stream option for a week or two. Blount ought to have early season value until Kerryon gets his weeks 4-6 or whatever

No one in that backfield has early season value. The least of all, blounte. Who will go out there a on a couple short yardage situations, maybe if you’re lucky get a TD. If he doesn’t score a TD, you’re lookin at 5 points. There’s way better options out there than blounte.

thats a fair take. I guess my take is that he has a larger role early on, but I am open to the possibility I am just wrong.

Others on my bench are Kupp, Cole and Mike Williams. I’ve been trying to trade Kupp for another running back but no one is biting

That trade is never going to work with RBs falling like flies. Best you can hope for is using guys like Kupp as a sweetener to get an upgrade at RB or WR.