Screw Projections, I Want To Stay In the Flames

Yahoo says I’m heavily favored to win but we all know even a 20-30 pts proj lulls you into a false sense of security. Please help with the following roster decisions

  1. Evan Engram or Greg Olsen?

  2. Brandin Cooks or Keelan Cole: Cooks and Brady have been awful. Cole is on fire. Cooks faces a staunch Bills secondary while Cole faces a soft 49ers squad.

  3. Nick Foles or Case keenum: should i go with Keenum who has been safe. Or risk it with Foles. The other team has Agholor and Ertz so it would slightly offset their points but if Vikings lose Saturday Eagles may sit Foles.

Please Footflan, you are my only hope. #FootclanTitle