Seahawks week 16

The seahawks have been terrible lately (Do they even have an O-line???), I thankfully still made it into the finals. I have Baldwin and Graham, are the two of them still autostarts versus dallas?

It really depends on who is out there to pick up. If Cole or someone like that is out there I’d play him over Baldwin. I have Graham and he pooped my last two weeks but I just barley made it in. He’s TD dependent too. Graham should be over seal jones or Brate or someone like that but look who’s out there.

would you play dede or martavis bryant over baldwin?

Bryant maybe, don’t think I would play either of the others over Baldwin. It’s not like he has been awful. Just a bad game this week.

I’m probably sitting Baldwin and playing Woods over him. I just lost AB so now I need to fill that gap just for reference. I have Julio in my other WR slot.

Debating on picking up and playing Foles or Bortles… can’t have another mediocre game from Wilson.