Searching for a Dynasty League

Looking to join a Dynasty League. Been playing Redraft for years and want to get into a Dynasty League. I’m located in So. Cal. I’m a very active, trash talking owner. My email is: on Twitter I’m cbangelsfan if you want to DM me there.

please checkout my post

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strange, ill just copy and paste below:

Hello All,

Before I tell you about the league, ill tell you a bit about me as a commissioner. I have been running leagues since 2004. When i first started they were redraft leagues with mainly friends and co-workers. Then i moved to KC and didnt know anyone, the few leagues i joined i did not enjoy and decided i wanted to start a dynasty league. In 2009 i decided to try and run a 32 team league that mimics the nfl. In 2010 i started a 20 team league and a 10 team league. Both of these closed as the owners didnt enjoy them nearly as much as the 32 team league. In 2013 i had many owners that wanted a similar league to the current 32 team i had so i started my 2nd 32 team dynasty league with a slightly different scoring format and smaller rosters. The past couple of months i had owners telling me they would like a new league thus i am starting this one.

While I will never claim to be perfect I do my best to always do what is fair and best for the league. Ive had to make hard decisions on kicking people out of leagues before. I am very open about every decision i make, as i believe if a person has something to hid about an action, it typically means that person’s actions are not good.

There are several owners that have been with me since 2009 and even more from 2010. I think the fact that many of these guys that i have never met have been with me for so long shows what kind of commissioner you will be dealing with. I am very accessible, i have a discord server for all 3 leagues to chat, i ask that all owners give me a cell number and you will have mine, and i always answer emails as soon as possible.

Now to the league.

This will be called NDL Gridiron Alliance.

The league consist of 32 teams with nfl names. the NFC and AFC each have their own player pool. You will play you NFL countpart’s schedule every season. 16 games in 12 weeks. You play your intra-conference games weeks 1-12 as H2H. You play your inter-conference games weeks 1-12 as a best of 3 double header tracked offline.

For example, the AFC West plays the NFC West this year. Weeks 1-3 you will have a best of 3 matchup with on team from the other division, weeks 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 for the rest. We used to do true double headers during non bye weeks, but then the nfl started expanding how many weeks they had teams on bye, and we had some teams get off to a rough start and after week 3 they were 1-5 or 0-6. We decided we wanted to reduce the effect of by weeks on the DH games and have been doing this best of 3 for 3 years now and its been great.

Weeks 13-16 are the playoffs, week 13 is WC, week 14 is div, week 15 is conference championship, and week 16 is the super bowl.

All teams that make the playoffs are in the money.

We have a toilet bowl for all other teams that didnt make the playoffs, these run from weeks 13-17.

We are a dynasty league that uses contract years and salary cap. We have RFA, FA Auction(spring free agency like nfl), off season waivers, rookie only drafts. WE also have franchise tags, holdouts, and contract extensions. This is a YEAR round league.

This league will use 16 man rosters with a 6 man DTS. Full ppr. Rush/Rec TDs will be 7 points each, passing 6 points. There are NO KICKERS OR DEFENSE in this league. We will have 8 starting spots, 1 qb, 1 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 3 rb/wr/te flex spots.

For the startup draft we will be doing an auction that includes all players. This will happen in June/july.

Entry fee is $60 with $1 per player/pick in transactions for transaction fees.

In my 2 leagues currently, the SB Champ wins ~600-700 and the runner up ~400, the WC losers are typically ~70-80 range. These totals though were based off of a $52 entry fee, so im expecting these values to go up in my leagues since we are raising to $60. The toilet bowl winners get $64.

The 8 teams that remain to be filled are:

These teams will be FCFS. In order to hold your team you must submit your entry fee payment.

PLEASE PLEASE read the bylaws linked below. The rules for my league are very in depth and my leagues are not for a causal owner.

League Link:
League Bylaws:

if you would like a team please email me which team and we can discuss any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and good luck to those of you currently on a playoff run.

No thanks bro.