Season Long Issue I think

So I usually don’t have this big of an issue and hopefully as the offenses develop and injuries hit things will be more clear, but for 3 weeks straight now the same players have been keeping me up at night, Im always on the fence about starting them
QB- Josh Allen
RBs- Gurley, Carson
WRs- Davante adams, Marquise Brown
TE- Waller
Flex- Sony, Demarcus Robinson
Bills D
Bench- Davonta Freeman, Hyde, Josh Gordon, Fuller, Crowder, AJ green, and Terry Maclaurin
I feel like my wide receivers are such a crap shoot, all roughly being around the same projections week in and week out, and its driving me crazy this year. I’m thinking that as a Pats and Texans fan, I overvalued Gordon, Fuller and Michel. Any thoughts or opinions or anyone who feels like they’re in a similar spot?

Are you in a PPR or half PPR league?

I think your plays should be based on the person you are playing. If you are expecting to win, I would start safer plays like a Maclaurin, but if you need the home run plays, go for Gordon and Brown.

Also, I would probably bench Robinson for Gordon because the weather is going to be bad in the chiefs game. Up to you though

I’m now 0-3 and have failed to break 100 points all three weeks, as the Champion from last year my pride is being tested. My whole team needs an overhaul as far as I’m concerned. My RBs are not producing, but then again neither are my WRs