Season mitigating trade!

Sitting at 0-5 in a standard scoring league. Decent shot at winning this week. My league has weekly monetary punishments as well as a last place playoff for league punishment. I own bot cooks and woods and want to trade one.

Latest offer is his Gordon, Hyde, Fitz, and a 6th for my Cooks, Freeman, and last round pick. Other RBs are Zeke, Jamaal William’s, and tarik… WRs are cooks, woods, hollywood, mike William’s, auden tate. Standard scoring. Do you smash the accept button?

melvin gordon or josh gordon?

Lol Josh. If it was Melvin I’d so it right away

right haha. I would not take it. You would be really struggling at RB after that.

Think the drop off from Freeman to Hyde is that big? It’s non-ppr, and i’d really like to trade one of my rams wrs.

I’m also not trying to win the league, just not get last place and also gain some equity for next year’s draft.

hope you didnt take it! I do think the drop off is dramatic from Freeman to Hyde. And now Gordon dealing with a knee issue

I did not do it! Told him I had a gut feeling that it was a bad idea.


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