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Alright footclan, with the evolving situation in GB and M. Gordon going down, would you trade fournette and amari cooper away to get Aaron Jones and Austin Ekeler if you could? I just see those two as some of the most likely league winners. I’m not sure if I could get them for that in my league, just looking for your guys’ take.

My roster

QB (superflex league)

M. Brown
G. Bernard




As you can see, my RB could use a bit more depth, and I’ve got sort of an embarrassment of riches at the fringe WR2/3 spot. This is because I was planning on getting bell off IR, but that didn’t happen

The reason why they are league winners is because they were basically free draft capital and draft stock. They aren’t league winners if you sell your 1st round draft capital in fournette and 4th round capital in cooper to get them.

If fournette plays, he’s still fine. I would def go and make a play on jones though. Not sure if you could get him for just cooper but maybe you can after cooper had that massive blowup game.


Okay I see that. I ended up getting fournette pretty cheap off injury so I’m not quite as attached, but I certainly have no reason to ship him yet. Would you do mixon and cooper for Jones and ekeler?

Close call between Mixon and Fournette with Dalton gone. That’s honestly a toss up. I do prefer Jones to both though cause I am an aaron jones truther. Most would probably disagree.

If you did get fournette off waivers, than what I said doesn’t really apply. I don’t mind the trade, but you’re probably overpaying. I wouldn’t really trade for Ekeler though, you’re not a Gordon owner and if you got him, I still wouldn’t start him over fournette or mixon in most weeks. Aaron jones is the one I would be targeting. Like I said, try and use some combo of like Cooper + Boyd for him.

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You’re right about overpaying, There’s a couple things going into that. First, I’ve watched him the whole season and don’t think that 6.5 ypc is a fluke, not saying he’s elite, but he works very well in a rodgers led offense. Second, I’m trying to get him from a packers fan. Because of those I’m anticipating overpaying a bit… that being said i appreciate you’re input on his value, if I’m crazy at least I’m not the only one lol
I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but with Gordon possibly out for the majority of the fantasy season, you don’t see ekeler as star?

I’m saying he’s elite. I am the resident Aaron Jones truther. Been telling people to pick him up and draft him the entire year. Jwill is garbage. Jones is an elite runner and all this false narrative about him failing in pass pro is bogus. He has surrendered zero sacks/misses in pass pro this season. It just takes time for young guys to learn that stuff.

He is limited only by coaching in McCarthy but unfortunately, we can’t ignore that.

I think Ekeler will be productive and a great asset but I think with Gordon out, Allen stock sky rockets. All those targets that gordon was getting won’t get transfered to ekeler, he’ll get some but Allen is the primary benefactor. I am so glad I bought all the allen I could a few weeks back. It’s going to pay off huge in the playoffs. But what I’m saying is not sure if you need Ekeler given your line up. I still wouldn’t start him over Mixon or Fournette or Aaron Jones in most weeks.


But what about over names like golladay, gordon, Boyd, Gus Edwards going forward? I’m in a double flex plus superflex league, so those are the ones I’d be starting him over likely

Full ppr league

Ah okay that does change things. If its a double flex meaning you can start 4 RBs, then Ekeler is definitely worth a grab.

You should look at the team your trading with and see what they need. Can they afford to give up both jones and ekeler? Are they in dire need of WRs? All of this stuff comes into play.

And honestly I have also been an Amari Cooper truther. Seeing him play on a new team and pick up the offense this fast is promising. Could be another trap but he isn’t putting up the same duds he did in oakland. having said that, Dak is still trash so I’d be fine with you giving up cooper. Maybe start with Fournette + Boyd + Sutton and then move up from there.

Got it. Sorry, should’ve included that. As always thanks for the help! I think I’ll try mixon instead of fournette to start, though I think they’re extremely close ROS.