Second guessing a trade

Half point ppr. I trade DeAndre Hopkins, Joe Burrow, and Darrell Williams for Josh Allen and Christian McCaffrey. Allen and McCaffrey have harder schedules coming up and maybe I’m just a sucker but I feel like there’s much more to come from Hopkins and Burrow in the second half of the year, especially in the playoffs. Seems like a no brainer but im starting to second guess this. Im deep as hell at WR too, with T Hill, D. Johnson, J Judy, K Allen. And K Toney. So I’m over thinking this right? And I need to get this trade through asafp right? Thoughts?

I mean I’m probably doing it cause healthy CMC has league winning potential. Josh Allen is also a upgrade over burrow. I see why someone might be hesitant cause injuries are unpredictable and we don’t have a complete picture.

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Is this dynasty or redraft?

It’s redraft