Second Half DST Strategy

I have the Ravens and they’ve been solid enough so far. However after their second half schedule is @CAR, PIT, bye, CIN, OAK not too bad but weeks 13 - 16… @ATL, @KC, TB and @LAC. The playoffs look bad and that stretch isn’t friendly at all. Would you play them this week and next then drop for the bye and pick up alternating streamers or just stream the worst of those like week 13 and 14 with ATL and KC away and then week 16 away to LAC and play them in the rest?

The choices are there but dropping them wont allow me to get them back knowing my league and i could stream but league mates have a tendency to hold two DSTs if one does well, lots of box score chasers. How would you manage this? Available DSTs below:

I’d say whatever makes sense in light of your
League mates’ tendencies. If they hold 2, sounds hard to drop the Ravens until you start seeing other teams streaming Def’s in your league. Otherwise, you could be losing by 5 points every week if you can’t find a decent stream all of a sudden. It’s around now that tilting becomes widespread and people stop anchoring on stupid things they had taken pride in all season, aka a DEF draft pick that had a good first 3 weeks and then fell to pieces. I’m seeing it happen across all positions in my league this week specifically — effin finally. I was ready to just kind of
Stop paying attention this season until everyone else started panicking and ditching serviceable players in favor
Of playing matchups and hoping they can hit it big every single week. I think the Ravens schedule is rough and you may want to avoid some matchups, but I’d really try to hang on if you can manage streaming and holding Ravens on those weeks (which I’d imagine you can by dropping someone you have an emotional attachment to…mine was Crowder for a long time lol. D’Onta Foreman is gonna be next prob if Houston’s backfield looks okay tonight. Maybe will grab Burkhead or something and IR him).

I have MIN and HOU defenses and I just can’t drop either one. I know they can perform vs any team and they have both shown it the last 3-4 weeks. I want to stream Denver badly but just am rolling with Houston this week I guess.

Or do i try and trade the Ravens for the Broncos who have WK14 SF, WK15 CLE and WK16 OAK to close the season and just stream this week and the handful of other weeks. Just not sure if i can trust the Broncos at that late stage of the year with nothing to play for. Broncos owner has them and the Packers and is 1-6 so might be last chance before he switches off totally…

I could probably play the KC DST for the next three weeks, then DEN gets the Texans and it’s really weeks 12 and 13 that i need if i did get them.

Trading them away is the one situation I think makes 100% sense if you can do it. I personally have never been able to trade a defense this season or really any other season aside from examples like Chicago in 2006. Well I didn’t actually trade them but I could have. I think 5 straight 15 pt or so weeks and then DEF becomes worth including in a trade. I think this is a good idea if you are able to actually do it. You might spend a lot of time
And effort on a small impact move trying to do so though. If you can do it, I’ll be motivated to try harder with my Vikings and Texans defenses though…together they are such a waste of my roster lol. Except the last 3 weeks when they’ve been great.

Oh Indy I think also in 2006 was one of those very tradeable defenses. NO around 2010 when they were head hunters too. Ravens with Ray Lewis a few times of course. Defense this year is such that only like 5 truly merit hanging onto Bc of consistent quality. I think Baltimore is one of them.

Yeah i agree the effort is there and could make a small difference but as long as i stream an okay option i should be in good shape but it would mean holding two DSTs for a long time - until week 14 most likely with the odd week off when i could drop one but i’d likely have to fill that slot with the following weeks streamer. Also just remembered next week i have Ertz’s bye week so i can’t hold two DSTs as i need to grab a second TE that week. Okay back to the drawing board! Broncos have the Texans at home next week so i could play them there and will maybe do the same as the Ravens hosting the Steelers then both on bye but i can drop my TE fill in in week 10.

I think i’ll have a chat with the Broncos owner and see, otherwise after the week 10 bye getting the Bengals and Jets may not be a bad option, lots of games vs BUF twice, OAK, CLE twice, TEN in that mix that seem to pair together quite well if you look at the schedule i can alternate them and no one is picking them up lol

Why stream Denver this week?

THink I drop one of my emotion-based Defense roster holds in light of this availability in my league? I have MIN and HOU…so I’d drop MIN this week. Plus, they both have week 10 byes…images below

Denver for the playoff stash is good but KC as a sneaky stream at home this week might be good, they also have a nice three stretch. Otherwise i’d play your Texans D over everyone else, KC would be the play if you wanted the massive upside potential but with the risk… HOU are safe this week

Actually was looking at the Jags DST home stretch aside from PIT in week 12 it’s the stuff of dreams! They are on bye next week, if they have a bad day against Philly i wonder if they will be acquirable… down the stretch they would be a great get they play IND, PIT, BUF, IND, TEN, WAS, MIA all plus matchups

Those are fanatasgic matchups for a Jags team that can do nothing but run the ball.

I know and aside from playing PIT all those teams can do nothing on offense at all, Jags will eat them alive!

Literally terrible offenses. That’s why the Jags are not getting down on themselves too much. Defense can carry them to playoffs if they can just put up a few scores a game.

Agreed, if they can beat Philly in London then out of the bye they really should win all those games aside from Pittsburgh maybe

The Jags owner has accepted, should i pull the trigger and get the Jags in now? Stream in week 9 and let the good times roll?

What’s the deal
Exactly again? Sorry getting lost in threads

Haha. Literally just the Ravens DST for the Jags DST straight up.

I know this week maybe not great, next week bye week but after that i have a week 12 issue then all awesome matchups ROS

Oh yeah. Green light. No downside in my mind. But a ton of upside

You get it? And yeah I’m playing Houston

I could stream Indy or KC this week if i don’t like the look of the matchup but i think long term this is a big win. only need one DST again aside from one week, unless my matchup is in hand,. Good shout with HOU i think

I think it’s a steal. Ravens matchups are horrid and Jax literally must stop every team’s offense to win games. And they are great matchups