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Second pick in upcoming dynasty/keeper draft


League set up is 10 team half PPR and each team gets to keep any 7 players every year. The 7 keepers are your first 7 draft picks. Essentially the draft starts are round 8 and consists of Rookies and any player that wasn’t a keeper.

I’m picking 2 and want to go running back. Assuming Fournette is gone, who do I go with. Here’s what’s available: Mixon, Cook, McCaffery, Hunt or Lynch. I feel like Lynch will have the best year and help me win now. However whoever I take I can keep for their entire career.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!


Is this the startup year? if not i would be interested in what your other keepers look like at the moment.
If they are decent I might be good with lynch if your trying to win now.
But if this is a startup year id def stay away from lynch and go for one of the rookies


McCaffery would be the player I pick.


No this isn’t the start up year. The league has been around awhile but this will be my 3rd year. I took over a team from someone that basically gave up I think. The year before I came on he finished last which landed me the first overall pick and Todd Gurley and the championship my first season. Last season I was back near the bottom. The rest of the teams are pretty stacked on paper. Not sure I would say anyone is a favorite to win as we have some great owners.

Here are my 7 keepers:

Dak Prescott
Todd Gurley
Derek Henry
Keenan Allen
Amari Cooper
Travis Kelce
Corey Coleman


He’s actually my least favorite of the group. I feel like he will have some big games and be really exciting to watch but then disappear or be an injury risk since he is a little smaller. I guess it’s a good problem to have. I’m leaning toward Mixon or Hunt. I feel like they will have the most consistent long term careers while maybe not the flashiest.


Yeah… I’d go with hunt, mixon
Then mccafery, cook.


I like Hunt best of that group. I get a bad feeling about Mixon. My 2nd choice would be Cook but McCaff is very close. I lean to Cook over McCaff as Carolina has J Stewart who will likely steal more carries from McCaff than Murray will take from Cook…very close though


Definitely understand your point. After watching Mixon play, he has potential. Hunt is the starter.


In redraft I’d probably choose Mixon last but since this is Dynasty I think he has the best career.