Second pick

So I have the second pick for my draft this year. I’m on the fence about Gurley or bell. Gurley is going to put up numbers I have no doubt. Bell is going to do the same and it’s his last year so I think he is going to do that much more. Bell is more injury prone than Gurley though. Any incites would greatly help.

Btw it’s a full PPR 10 man league

Gurley and Zeke are my top 2 picks.

Your only on the fence until the 1st pick is made, right? Unless of course that guy is a homer and takes Zeke or DJ first, I suppose. I’m partial to Gurley only because new OC for Steelers. Shouldn’t be an issue, unless that guy hasn’t been paying attention for the last couple years, but it is a change.

Toss-up. I worry about Bell as a suspension risk and Gurley as a regression risk, especially in the passing game.

If you’re picking 2,you might not get to choose one of them. Gurley might be — should be — gone by 2. But if somehow this really is the choice you have to make, i think you go with Gurley: no new OC, no contract problems, and a young team with the arrow pointed up provide a positive context for him. That stuff is important. I love LeVeon, but there’s a bit of turmoil there and the team is aging.

Good luck!

I don’t see any reason to expect regression from Gurley as a receiver. He’s great at it, and they’ve made it a focal point in the offense.

Full PPR, I’m taking Bell.

I’d go Bell since he has been a top end fantasy producer for longer, but that’s just me. To be honest though, the decision will almost definitely be done for you! Gurley and Bell are the two that usually go back and forth for the 1.01 spot, so you’ll probably have to take the guy that’s left