Second Round Pick?

I have the 4th pick in a 10 team 0.5 PPR league. I should get Zeke or DJ with my first pick. With the 17th in the second round who are you all looking at. I am thinking a WR, either Thomas, Allen or Adams. The RB near that ADP is C. McC. This, of course, is all depending on how it falls. But I kind of like the idea of going Elite RB then Great WR. I am also not opposed to going RB-RB and grabbing a WR in the 3.04 pick.

0.5 PPR with a 5 pt bonus for 100 total yards
8 pts if a RB catches a TD or an WR rushes a TD

WR is really deep this year. If you could start Zeke/DJ and then CMC, I would do that.

I’m taking Zeke cause he basically averages 100 yards a game.

Then on the wrap, it’s a close call between Thomas/Allen and CMAC. The RB catching a TD bonus is pretty appealing for CMac. Pretty high on him this year so I’d probably lean towards that just slightly.