Second round rookie RB?

I know it’s early but I’ve been messing around with some mock drafts. I have the first overall pick In 13 team full PPR and going CMC. Now most mocks ive done I see Johnathan Taylor and Edwards-helaire going in the second round. I know they both will be good but if they are there when I pick again should I take a chance that early on A rookie RB that technically doesn’t have the starting role right now? Or go something like sanders going into his second year? This is assuming I go RB

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Is this dynasty or redraft?

Sorry should have mentioned, 3 player keeper league

Not going to say which RB is better because all those are good. Instead I will say that RB early IMHO is stronger. It is easier finding WR depth due to the number of players at the position. Yes, MT is a difference maker. But there are far more people you can pick to help out at WR than getting RB help in the first 5-6 rounds. Because of that, I would be okay with RB/RB assuming there are no surprise WR there.

I hope this helps!

Generally how I approach any draft is looking to minimize risk early in drafts. So honestly I’m taking Ekeler, Drake, Chubb. Jacobs in the second. All have a solid role carved out in their offense. If CEH falls to you at end of 3rd take him I believe he can be the starter sooner than later. Taylor I wouldn’t touch until end of 4th round. In second round you are either looking at your RB 1 if you took a WR in 1 or your RB 2 if you took a RB in 1. I’m not comfortable with CEH or Taylor as my 1 or 2. Good with them as my RB3

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