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Second Round WR?


5th pick, 10 team, standard scoring, re-draft:

I’m not taking AB with that first round pick because I don’t like the RBs that will be available to me in round 2 as much as I like the WRs.

I’ll have my pick of Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Davante Adams, and AJ :

Rank them.


1.Michael Thomas
2.Davante Adams
3. K. Allen
4.AJ Green


I think I’d flip Keenan and Davante, but…it’s a tough call.



I was torn myself… I really like Keenan Allen and I feel if he hadn’t been hit by that injury bug a couple years in a row prior to last year we may be putting him right next to AB as one of the best. P.Rivers is one of those, like Big Ben, once they like you they will throw to you 8 times in a row… and not really bat an eye at the rest of the team.



Adams is a distant 4th for me. Fine 2nd rounder, but he’s in a clear tier down from the others for me.


The temptation to take Keenan or Devante over Thomas will be strong…but if Thomas is there…I’m jumpin’ on it.

there’s still this nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me to conside taking AB in round one and going zero RB…I’ve won championships that way, but that was when Megatron still roamed the earth. These are different times…


Interesting take on Adams, DFWB. Until I started this thread, I wasn’t high on him at all, and was debating between Thomas and Keenan. Then I saw Skeebo’s ranking and started thinking about Adams’ QB, and how that guarantees a certain amount of success. But does it? The floor’s yours…


id go thomas, allen, aj, then adams


I’ve been over this a few times on here, but it comes down to this: Everyone seems to want to look at the last two years both Nelson and Rodgers were healthy and cut and paste those stats into Adams 2018 box score. Here’s the problem: those are outliers, from an individual target perspective. Rodgers does not have much of a history of locking onto one WR. Aaron Rodgers has targeted a WR more than 140 times exactly twice, and both were Jordy Nelson (those two years), a much, much better player with whom he had a freakish and well documented connection. And that happened twice. In 9 years. Everyone else on that list has a floor of 140 targets and has either a better career catch rate, a better YPR, or both.

You just need a lot more to go right for Adams than people seem to think for him to return value at his current price.


I say AB then adams/allen. Then look to get gronk/kelce, then Howard/mixon, then collins since it’s a standard league.


Believe me, Deuce, I’m still thinkin’ about taking a similar route.

But…I don’t think Howard will be there as low as you’re projecting. There’s a guy drafting right behind me who loves him and will probably reach for him a round early.

I’d go Ertz for TE before Kelce…and there’s a Pats fan at the 1.01 / 2.10 / 3.1 turn who will surely take Gronk at 3.



Standard scoring

any form of PPR


Gronk usually goes mid 2nd round for me. I’m surprised no one in the league would take him before the 2.10 & would probably make the guy sad too lol.


Ha! Someone might take Gronk before 2.20 just to anger that guy, but maybe not. Gronk’s ADP on FFC is 3.3 and these guys are pretty serious about their FFL. Reachers get shamed in this league…then again, it might be worth it just to give Patriot Boy a hard time.


Ignoring Allen’s injury history, this is my top 5


If it were PPR format I’d adjust it a bit, but I’m also higher on Green than most.