Secondary Tiebreakers

I am the commissioner of a half point pot 10 Man standard redraft league and last season when it came time for playoffs there were 4 teams with the same record battling for the last playoff spot in a 6-Man playoff bracket. After overall record the last playoff spot was decided through head to head record. This decision split the league in half with some wanting the tiebreaker to be points for instead of head to head record. Both sides brought up good points and I’m not sure which tiebreaker to choose.

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Most new leagues that I’ve experienced or read bylaws for have 1-2 playoff spots reserved for highest regular season points. This seems to be the general consensus.

My preference is head to head. Similar to real football, the total number of points scored don’t matter once the game is over. You won or you lost. The result of winning by 50 points or winning by 1 is the same.

But that doesn’t make one or the other viewpoints the right answer. It’s up to the league. Have you had a league vote? If so, what was the result?

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I tend to have points for be the tiebreaker for playoff spots. I think points scored accounts for how the team does all season long compared to how you performed in one particular week

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My feeling is, if points are that important, why not run a league where:

  • top half highest points teams get a win/point
  • use those wins/points to determine playoffs

This seems perfectly acceptable if 8-16 people decide this is the way they want to conduct playoffs.

100% no offense intended to anyone who disagrees with the following comment!!!

It seems like sore looser syndrome to play for 13 weeks where winning is the most important thing. Then between weeks 13-14 getting the highest score is now also important.

This is a good point because two of the teams only met once in the very first week.

You bring up incredible points thank you for your insight!

I had a league vote and a majority said points for. It was 7-2 with me abstaining from the vote. At first my gut instinct was to go head to head but two of the teams only met once and it was the very first week of the season.

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I prefer H2H records to mirror real life. I use total points has my secondary tiebreaker. You should have to beat the person in front of you week in and week out. Total points shouldn’t determine playoff spots in leagues that are H2H each week. You either have a good enough record to make the playoffs or you don’t.