Seebudah bebbudah beebaduh Cooper

I have a pretty garbage Dynaaty team. Trying to trade

Amari Cooper
2020 first


Davante Adams

Thoughts on this? I got last in the league last year but made some other trades and should at least be top 10 (12 team league).

No chance someone will make that deal.

Unless the team with Adams is in full rebuild. In which case I would expect them to want another first on top of that.

If you are in rebuild mode i dont know if i would be trading away draft picks to get a top tier player. I would be trying to trade Cooper for something like a 2020 1st or 2nd and a young up and coming WR like a Mike Williams, DJ Moore, Ridley or even like N’Keal Harry to someone that is a contender this year or a Cooper fan

Almost did make that deal, and his team also sucks.