Seeking dynasty trade advice

10 team half ppr, I have Dalvin Cook, Coleman and Ingram. and the rest of my RBs are trash not worth talking about.

The Murray owner is willing to trade him to me but wants Sutton or DJ Moore.

I am deep at WR with Hopkins, Cooper, Tate, Woods, M. Williams etc.

Should I do this trade? And if so, Sutton or Moore?

I would try to get a better RB than Murray for Sutton or Moore

What the hell.

Just no. No. No. Just no. This is the worst trade in the history of all trades.

You don’t give up 1st round WRs and future WR1s for hand cuffs. It’s stupid.

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Thats wait I was thinking, but I needed to hear it from someone else first.

When he first suggested Sutton or Moore, I said no. But then I thought I said no too fast and should think on it and get others opinions. So thanks. =o)