Seeking Input on Two Dynasty Trades

1 PPR 12 -team dynasty league:

Zach Ertz and AJ Green for Sony Michel, Mike Williams, and 2019 1.10 draft pick.

Antonio Brown and 2020 1st round pick (I am guessing somewhere towards the middle of the first round, but maybe closer to the beginning) for DJ Moore, Josh Allen, Austin Hooper, and 2019 1.11 draft pick.

Thoughts? Thanks.

With regards to the first trade I prefer the Michel, Williams and 2019 1st side for a team that is rebuilding. If you are a contender than I prefer the Ertz/Green side of the offer.

In the second trade I’m assuming this is a 1QB league. I much prefer the Brown/2020 1st side in almost all cases. Although, I could absolutely see why a rebuilding team would be interested in the other side.

Thanks for the feedback. That was about how I felt about the trades. I took over this dynasty team that was in really bad shape. Put it this way, the QBs were Brady and Bridgewater, and the only RB that had anything close to a good year was Peterson.

Ertz, Brown, and Green were only great pieces to offer in trades, so I decided to ship them out to get younger pieces with upside and relatively high draft picks.

I am feeling it a bit more optimistic about the Brown trade after hearing the guys make Allen their number 12 QB heading into the year, but time will tell.

I want the Michel side and the Brown side.