Seeking Poopy Trade Analysis/Confirmation

Do I accept this trade?

Receive: Moncrief, Tarik Cohen, Tevin Coleman
Give: Thielen, JJ Nelson, Kamara

I know there aren’t any flashy names on there, sorry. My instinct says yes given possible downgrade to Vikings offense w/o Dalvin and Bradford (return timeline in the air), but I’m not sure what Kamara’s upside is.

Context: I’m currently 1-3 after losing David Johnson, Allen Robinson, Greg Olsen and Danny Woodhead in my 12 man standard league, I was saved by my Kareem pick.
my current position players are:
WR: Amari Cooper, Chris Hogan, Thielen, Landry, JJ Nelson (A whole lotta WR3s)
WR: Kareem Hunt, Jamaal Charles, Kamara, McFadden, Carlos Hyde (traded for him)

I would say this is a lateral style trade. Kamara and Cohen are similar players (upside to Kamara) but I am just getting a bad vibe from this trade

Do you think Moncrief has enough upside when Luck returns?

I do and don’t he is so injured all the time…its a tough one

I would accept it because I think Cohen is worth it. He played well with Trubisky in the preseason, and has bring it during the regular season. I think you can improve your WRs during the waiver wire, there are some good ones this week

Awesome, thanks.

Ended up pulling the trigger on it, especially because the Keenan Allen owner seemed to be high on Tevin Coleman.

Right now my WRs are Cooper Landry and Hogan, so especially with Cooper being so bad and the QB situation in Oakland and Miami, I don’t have much. Hoping to move Coleman and Landry (other guy’s a Miami fan) for Keenan Allen, which would make the result of this trade:

Give up: Landry, Thielen, Kamara, JJ Nelson
Receive: Keenan Allen, Moncrief, and Tarik Cohen.

I think the Falcons will use Coleman even more now that both Sanu and Jones are hobbled. As an Allen owner who has lost him to injury before, I can’t help but want to move him out of fear he might be injured. He is having a consistent year so far though.

And Coleman and Cohen are both terrific handcuffs if the starters get injured.