Seems like Conner is out:

Standard Scoring! Who would you play?
Jaylen samuels
Josh Adams
Elijah McGuire
Any broncos WR

I’m in same boat have Conner and Samuels. If Conner is definitely out I’m going Samuels. If Conner plays I’m starting neither and plugging in Michel. Your options are a little harder to make a decision on, but I’d probably lean towards Adams. I wouldn’t play McGuire against Houston defense. And it’s a coin toss between Denver’s receivers. Sutton’s disappointed, but Hamilton had a decent game last week. I like their matchup but hard to figure which one has a good game this week

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Only thing is that eagles probably playing from behind and Adams doesn’t catch many passes so may be unfavorable game script. Are you favored to win or lose? And by how much?

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With conner, im projected to lose by 3, his projection right now is 13.9
I played chargers K who scored 3 points, my opponent had tyreek hill

Conner just listed as doubtful following Steelers walkthrough practice. I’m going Samuels but I’m in 1/2 PPR

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Yeah, he’s definitely out. Think im gonna fire uo samuels as well… He will have the backfield almost to himself, and the touchdown upside is there… better him than josh adams in an eagles ofense without the QB1 and probably coming from behind the entire game

I have the same issue… I have Samuels and Michel to choose… If Conner is out then I will play Samuels and if Conner plays I will put Michel in… I would rather play Samuels i think, but I have a gut feeling about Michel but its hard to trust with Belitrix lol

I am happy Connor is out. Now I can start Samuels as a te and play 4 RBs this week. Thanks to Hopkins I am now projected to win by 20.