Select 3 Keepers

I can keep 3 players from my team. Who should I keep? Feeling Julio for sure, debating between Devonta, Howard & Diggs for the other two.

QB Kirk Cousins
RB Devonta Freeman
RB Jordan Howard
WR Julio Jones
WR Larry Fitzgerald
TE Evan Engram
FLEX Dion Lewis
BN Stefon Diggs
BN Marvin Jones
BN Corey Davis
BN Austin Ekeler
BN Jamaal Williams
BN Samaje Perine

Is there draft picks associated with keepers?

No picks associated, essentially being first 3 rounds. Might ask commissioner if we can make them round specific.

Should mention this is a full PPR league with 2 point bonuses for 40+ yard tds

I would personally keep Freeman, Howard, Jones. In this type of league locking up your two rb spots give you soo many options with draft strategy.

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might tip me from howard to digs.

the hard part is there is no clear cut first round waster.

id say jones is closest but what is in the pool if you had a first round pick?

Freeman Howard and Julio

Saquon is really the only guy ahead of Julio that I would expect to not be kept. I have the third pick so he would not be coming back to me anyway. Guys just after Julio that have a chance to be available are Fournette Thielen AJ Green

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If you had round penalties then I imagine I’d think differently but with the current format I’d be keeping Freeman/Howard/Jones myself.

That’s 2 top 20 players in Freeman and Jones, and a top 15 back in Howard, so you’re setting yourself up nicely come draft day.

I think if you keep the two backs and grab Thomas or Green (whoever you like better) then you have a fantastic core. If you think you can land an elite back then I could see the logic in going Julio/Diggs/Freeman and adding Barkley type guy to the foursome