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Select keeper


12 team 2 player keeper league, trade picks also. So need some help i did some trading last year to aquire 2-1st round picks , 2-2nd round picks and 2-4th round picks this year. I have one keeper but the other is out of one of these mid round RBs: Lacy, Martin, Perkins, Abdullah, AP. I essentially selecting my 3rd rb with this, pick the best one.


Im excited to see what Perkins will do. Which round do you lose for him? No matter which player you keep, are you giving up the same round?


We don’t really lose a draft pick, we get our keepers before. I liked Perkins too especially the volume play with him too! All the others seem to have a lot more competition yet 3 of the others have been top 3 backs before.


Well Lacy will have no competition, he is the 1st and 2nd down back with the Goal Line as well. Martin will be a bell cow, and Adbullah will also be a feature back. I like Perkins, but he is unlikely to break into RB1. He is 2nd to last on this list for me.

If this is your 3rd RB I would go Martin, he has the highest upside with the highest floor once he starts playing. Lacy isn’t a bad option. After those two Abdullah and Perkins have high upside high risk, and for AP I can’t see him beating out Ingram.


Yeah I see what you’re saying then I could probably still grab one of these higher upside guys like Abdullah or Perkins later on


Yeah they go later, I think because they are guys you either hate or believe in.


To me they are ranked in this order:



Actually I looked at my rankings and Abdullah is currently ahead lol. Just based on the suspension. Re: Perkins, I heard a stat that is very informative: as I understand it, the Giants have 8 rushing tds in the last 2 years. Adding Marshall if anything will exacerbate that statistic. Pick Abdullah or Martin depending on team conscrtution (can you wait 3 weeks for an rb?).