Select my final 2 keepers please!

I’m in a auction draft league. We have been playing for 6 years now. We start with the standard $200. Each year each team can select up to 4 keepers. The catch? The price paid goes up +50% from previous year. (You can only keep a player up to 3 times). This year we are expanding from 12 teams to 14 teams. Our rosters are such: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, K, DST, 5 Bench (we’ve reduced our bench from 7 to 5 this year due to expansion).

Since we’re going to 14 teams, I’m worried about the RB situation and the amount of talent available. I’m the defending champ, I want to go back-to-back. It all starts with proper keeper selection.

Which of these would you choose? (I’m keeping Brandin Cooks for $6 + Stefon Diggs for $16 already no doubt about that)

Marlon Mack $2 (RB IND)
Rob Kelley $5 (RB WSH)
Isaiah Crowell $6 (RB NYJ)
Marqise Lee $5 (WR JAX)
Charles Clay $1 (TE BUF)

I think I would def go crowell.

After that I don’t really care… No one jumps out to me… Both Was and Indy are going to be messy backfields. And I don’t know what Jax receivers are going to do… I’ve heard EVERYONE is having a great camp which doesn’t help. So pick your fav or hopefully someone else chimes in…

thanks for the feedback.

I was personally leaning Mack cause he’s got the greatest chance to be a starter imo. Crowell will never fully own the backfield in NYJ with Powell around. I like Marqise Lee but I don’t know about keeping 3 WRs. I’d really have to spend a lot on RBs in the draft that way. I’m still going to spend on RBs b/c none of those guys are RB1 material but they’re atleast flexible.

I wouldn’t keep any of those players. Def not crowell. Only one I would consider is Mack. He has the best chance of producing if he is healthy behind Quenton and that Oline.

Powell probably gonna take that job and their offense sucks regardless. Own backfields on good teams not bad ones.

well in a 14-team league those players would go for $10ish each so no point in not taking a player for under $5. It fills out the bench.

Mack and Kelley (if he does get the starting nod) will go for more than that and if nothing else are bye week fillers for you.