Selecting Draft Position

I’m in a 10 man standard league, and we are currently in the process of picking our draft positions. Spots 1-4 are filled already and I get the 6th choice, so there’s one guy left to choose before it’s my turn (I think he’s gonna pick 7). What’s the best strategy here? I’ve been leaning picking Barkley at 5, but I also have been thinking of grabbing 2 RBs near the turn. Help

if i’m honest i dont get your question…
do you want to know…
…which draft spot is the “best one” ?
…if Barkley on 5 is a good pick ?
…if ist better to choose a spot near the turn and pick some RBs there?

I can choose between the 5, 6, 8, 9 ,10. Which one would you prefer in standard draft and why?

I would take the 10th pick. Love being on the turn. You can snag two elite RBs early or go some tandem like Cook/OBJ. In a 10-team league it also means you’ll have a chance at Kelce/Ertz in the 3rd/4th which is hugely important this season.

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I don’t play 10 team i must admit, but based on the fact that every team is usually pretty good and you need to get positional advantage where possible i think i would go five and get either that last of the stud four RBs Bell/Gurley/Zeke/DJ if they are there and someone above has picked either Brown/OBJ at WR or i would take AB/OBJ there and then collect RBs.

The only other consideration would be when you think Gronk will go and can you position yourself to get him as he gives you a major advantage at TE each week bar no one. So in 12 team he seems to go near the top of the 3rd so in 10 ten if you think he may fall to the top of the fourth (again unsure) i’d want to be as close a possible on the off chance he falls to you at 4.05… if not then i’d think about taking the 8th spot and get the two best available guys and look to take Gronk at the back of the 3rd then your on the short turn into the fourth but its a gamble in case he goes earlier then you missed on a top guy in the 1st round by going late

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I think there’s no default answer to this question. For me, I like to grind out mocks from different positions and see what typically falls where. There are some positions that put you in some weird spots (more frequently picks 5-8 imo), but I think you’ll have your answer after you grind out some mock drafts. For me personally, I’m wanting to get two stud RBs early since I think there are so many good WR options in the later rounds, so maybe taking the 9/10 slot if you don’t like how players are falling in mocks around pick 5.

It all depends on how you prefer to draft and what players you are going after. There is no right answer, and everyone likes to draft from different spots.

Do you want to RB/RB, RB/WR, WR/WR? Do you want a certain number of players in your top 20, 25? If you draft in the 5 spot, you will get picks 5, 16, and 25. If you pick from the 10 spot you get picks 10, 11, and 30. Which of those do you like better?

Are you familiar with your league mates, do you know how they typically draft? I am in a 14 team league and am very familiar with their tendencies. Last year I had the 14th pick, and was happy staying there and not trading spots with someone because I know at least 3 QBs and Gronk usually go in the 1st round, so with picks 14 and 15 I was able to grab Melvin Gordon and OBJ.

There are a lot things to consider. One of the most helpful exercises is do a bunch of mock drafts from each position and see what teams you end up liking the best.

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I ended up going with the 8. Hoping to grab fournette and gordon

My league is going to pick RB heavy, So im taking the 8 spot with the hopes AB somehow drops. If not, I’ll go RB then hope hopkins falls to my second pick. If not, Ill grab another RB