Selecting my keepers

I have david johnson for a first… Keenan Allen for a fourth … and Kamara for a 7th… choose 2 to keep I need help!

What’s your draft position? Kamara for sure. If you’re picking towards the end then DJ, if early Keenan

Kamara is a no brainer, I’d probably keep Johnson after that. Johnson likely rb1-3 at end of season.

True, if your picking top 3, you can have them all!

I’m picking 6th in a 12 team pot league

Ppr* lol …

Picking 6th I’d keep Johnson, you can replace Allen’s production.

@WinnerIsComing but Keenan in the 4th is a steal. Depending on who else is being kept he could get Saquon, Zeke, AB, or Hopkins around the 6th. I’d rather take any of those plus Kamara and Keenan because that’s basically 3 of the top 20 picks

I just don’t trust Allen, 17 games in 2 years, I know Johnson it’s exactly the same lol, but his was a freak hand injury. I suppose Allen is bound to play a full season at some point, he just seems like a “fools gold” top five receiver, totally based on projections, not on production

That said, he’s still a steal in the fourth

4000 yards and 22 TD’s in less than 4 seasons of games isn’t just projection. That’s solid production. He proved that he isn’t an injury risk to me last year. But I get what you’re saying. Johnson is a stud for sure

Allen and Kamara are both steals. Johnson could possibly be there at 6. But you’d have just as good of a player if he’s not. I believe Antonio Brown currently has a ADP of 6.

Kamara and Johnson since you’re at 6.

You are almost guaranteed to get the top WR in Brown. Or at least get another RB like Saquon, Fournette, Hunt, Cook. You’re set up to be damn good.

I’m always advocating for best value over best player, but I still think you gotta go Kamara/Johnson. He’s just too damn good