Selection Headache!

I need some opinions on who to play at my 2 RB, 2 WR and 1 Flex spot. Standard league.

RB choices pick 3 - Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Cohen, Ware, Damien Williams.

WR Choices pick 2 - Allen, Alshon, Anderson, Hamilton. Don’t know if I should trust Allen or just roll Alshon and Anderson and hope one or both goes off?

Any insight would be great, thanks footclan!

Bumping up

Stressing out on my end as well, haven’t received a response lol so let’s see if I could help you with your decision. I have Gordon and he’s a go for me, I think (pray) he has a great game. I feel Mixon should get the start and now it’ll be a toss up between Cook and Cohen as they both have good matchups.

WR: I have Allen as well lol and now the question with Julio’s game time decision has me leading more to play him tonight, which would leave me with D. Adams. I really don’t trust Anderson but Alshon should Def get the nod, it’s undeniable that Foles looks his way. Robby is major boom or bust. Personally I’d lean with Allen in your situation as he’s clearly Rivers focus down field and the slot matchup is there for Allen (if truly healthy)

Hope that helps, take a look at my situation when you have a moment and I’m scratching my head trying to put together the best lineup possible

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RB- I’d go with Gordon, Cook and Mixon. I know Mixon you debated benching him before but that’s seriously the only weapon over there and with his talent, I’d go with it.

WR. I don’t trust Allen either and am also debating benching him but I def trust Alshon with Foles. Plus Houston is beatable through the air. Anderson would be my 2nd pick- think we’ve discussed that earlier this week.

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Thanks for the take some guys, I think I’ll have to see what the call is on Allen last minute then swap him out for Anderson.

RB wise no interest in Williams over Mixon if Ware is out?

If Ware is out then Willams is a good play…Ware in, wouldn’t look Williams way


For my team, if Ware is def out I am playing Williams over David Johnson.

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