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Selection Sunday for Draft Order


My league decides the draft order by March Madness brackets and I came in 2nd. It is a .5 ppr 10 team league. I feel comfortable with pick 2-5 but wanted to hear what other people had to say.


Depends how you value the backs and receivers. If you think DJ, Bell, Odell, and Brown are the elite and you want one of them pick spot 4. If you covet DJ and Bell above all others pick spot 2. Also have to know your league, if there’s a chance someone will take Rodgers in the 1st round you may want to roll the dice with the 6 or 7 pick. Me personally in 10 team, I like the 6 spot.


Thanks Rob, there are 3 guys who I could see taking A Rod so that’s why I thought I may be able to slide to 5 and get AB but I’m nervous about Zeke with a possible suspension


Stick with No. 2 overall, I think that getting one of the two top elite talents at running back is too much to pass up.


I like to get value. If I can pick my spot, I take 5 or 6 (I take 6 every time).