Sell AB + Gronk?

I am currently 2-5 right now and I feel that I need to start making some moves to get into the playoff picture. Here is my team right now:
QB: Winston
RBs: Yeldon, Miller, Crowell, Duke Johnson, Javorious Allen, Alfred Blue, Carlos Hyde
WRs: Boyd, Lockett, AB, Kearse, Corey Davis
TE: Gronk

With Gronk not doing so hot this year would making a package trade with AB for maybe Hunt and Juju be good? or should I target some lower end receivers with the RBs I have?

What TE, RB and WR options are on the waiver wire? You need help badly at RB, personally i would move Gronk but keep AB unless you can get max price for AB but with a losing record you lose some barging power and he’s you best player by a mile so if you need wins you need him or big compensation.

Gronk if you can use the name do it, if not him and any of your RBs for an upgrade at RB would be my move. Difficult to say more without know the waiver / free agent situation

Brate and Watson are on waivers for TE but no options for RB and WR.

Anyone have a weak TE situation and what roster does the OJ Howard owner have? That’s the starting point for me, if you can let me know what sort of WR/RB groups we are looking at for teams weak at TE, bad records and the guy with OJ Howard we can look at some options.

I like Watson ROS at TE too. Brees has a strong rapport w him so @James89 ‘s strategy is sound

OJ Howard roster has Zach Ertz as their starting TE so they don’t really need a TE. Cook owner has Thielen and Chubb. McDonald owner has Landry and Collins. Rudolph owner has TY Hilton, Michael Thomas, Melvin Gordon, AP, Kenyan Drake. Ebron owner has OBJ, John Brown, Tate, McCaffrey, Kerryon. Reed owner has Conner, White, Evans, Howard, Golladay.

I’d speak to the Rudolph owner as he seems to have plenty of depth and see what Gronk would get you, if you could get OBJ from the Ebron owner that would be a win or Kerryon, Reed owner White would be the play. Honestly you need to take Gronk plus really any of your RBs and get a solid RB1 for your team, or straight up for a WR like OBJ could work but maybe after last week the price has gone up. I traded Gronk for OBJ last week before the big game so it’s doable.

You need to keep AB and if you got a solid WR1 as your second with Boyd in the flex you may be able to survive if you can get Howard - or grab Watson and see if Howard gets dropped in week 10 by the Ertz owner as he wont be needed anymore but i’d give any of your RBs bar Crowell, Miller for him if the owner would take any of them for him.

It’s a 3 WR league so that shakes it up a bit

You are in a bad spot though not to sugar coat things, just an unfortunate situation. If i can ask how big is your league? You don’t seem to have the RBs or WRs i would expect for a 12 team, but given the depth some of the other owners have i’m lost - did you trade away some RBs/WRs earlier in the season?

Ah… yes that makes it difficult, if Gronk has name value to any of them you may be able to get a deal done anyway for a WR but if not and you cant get a package done for a RB you may have to ride with him and pray he bounces back. I’d also grab Watson now in case Gronk is out this week, no news by Sunday before the Saints play and you need to swap him out

12 man league but it’s a 3 WR league. I took AB first round and Gronk second. Doesn’t help that Corey Davis sucked. I also dropped Fitzgerald cause he is irrelevant at this point.

That’s okay based on projections and rankings. who did you take 3, 4 and 5 out of interest?

AB, Gronk, Fitzgerald, Miller, Davis

Ah okay, shame on Fitz and Miller. I guess the 3 WR roster drove the WR price up, i took Davis in the 10th round in our 12 team but it’s a 2RB/2WR/1TE/1Flex league.

It’s not going to be easy man, see how you get one with Gronk trades but it’ll be tough to have a winning season if he doesn’t bounce back and you can’t get a good deal done…

Yea just sucks in this league. I am 6-1 in two other leagues and I have monster rosters for both of those from making trades. No one trades in this league so it’s basically like you have to win it at the draft and waiver isn’t weekly reset so I missed out on some huge pickups this week.

If you can get Hunt and JuJu out of that I think it would definitely be worth it

In the talks to trade Lamar Miller and Gronk for CMC and Sammy Watkins

Is your league PPR or half PPR? CMC is fine but his usage is trending down, Watkins is nothing really.

Standard league

You’re right though…if I can’t make a trade or Gronk doesn’t start performing then I am basically done for the season.

If you could get Watkins and CMC for Gronk and Hyde or another back that would be better. Was thinking Miller might get you Howard but i don’t hate the trade if it’s the best you can do. Maybe try and get Ebron in there - or is Doyle owned in your league? If he isn’t try and keep miller and grab Doyle after the week 9 bye, use Watson for now. Or if this guy will throw Ebron in there for Gronk and Miller try and get that done