Sell bell now?

10 team standard

I’m 3-2 on a 2 loss streak and this week with bye for Ingram and thomas it’s looking like another loss. I’m in need of a wr upgrade. The team I’m looking at trading with has DJ and d. Freeman at rb and kupp, green, and golladay at wr. Are any combo of these wr and rb worth bell?

I am not willing to trade Bell without getting a true stud back which on this team would be DJ and Green. Maybe you can do Bell and Cooper for Green and lower flex type rb. Otherwise I would trade Conner for Gollday or Kupp and a depth rb

That’s where I’m at but I’m just unsure of how DJ will do ros. But I kinda wanna get golladay for the fact that I wont have to worry about byes ros for wr after this week.