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Sell CJ Anderson?


12 team. Standard.

My team as of now:
Aaron Rodgers
RBs: Freeman, Hunt, CJ Anderson, Perine, Buck allen, forte
WRs: Cooper, Diggs, Decker, John Brown, Tedd Gin
TE: Ebron

I would get: Demarco Murray, Golden Tate, Eifert
I would give: CJ and buck allen

However, this owner also has AJ Green, so i could maybe counter something involving him… what do you guys think?


I would be trying to sell DeMarco Murray now (counter to the ‘sell high’ principle), I’d say no to that deal.


what about just trade buck allen for eifert? i likely wont need to start buck with three solid RBs and think if eifert ends up being healthy he will turn it around


I would avoid Eifert like the plague. I think he is injury prone every single year.


I think I would do this trade honestly. Buy Murray low right now. He’s going to get the job when he comes back. Anderson can’t play 16 games. Plus Tate always picks it up middle of the season