Sell David Johnson while I can?

Should I be trying to shop around DJ? I have Edmonds already but idk if I should pounce on a deal if I can get one

Some deals I was gonna try were
Chark for DJ
Tyreek for DJ and Andrews
Diggs for DJ
Lindsay and Hill for DJ Andrews and Alshon

What should I do? Any input helps and if there’s anyone else i should target lmk pls

Also my RBs are Chubb Fournette Edmonds Hunt and DJ
WRs are Hopkins McLaurin Alshon Robby and Sanders
TE Andrews and Henry

I’m in the same boat, trying to flip DJ for someone, preferably another RB. I’d take a 1-1 for Mark Ingram or similar RB2

You can probably get a WR2 to a RB needy team for him

The team with Tyreek has Lindsay Kamara and Mixon but his WRs are Golladay Hill Moore and Crowder

Would you try trading DJ for Gurley?

Shoot for Golladay if you can, maybe Moore.
Even if DJ is healthy, his next 5 weeks suck ass: NO, SF, TB, SF, BYE. Even a “downgrade” RB or WR by name, imo, is an upgrade

I think maybe shooting for a RB would be better off for me unless I can pull off a DJ and Andrews for a RB and WR

Yeah if you can combine them, since lots of teams need RBs and TEs, you should be able to get a good WR out of it, which is where you need to improve the most

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Would u try selling both DJ and Edmonds for Kamara?

Yeah. Neither are good ROS options, and Kamara will be solid again after his bye

Then you could even try to swap Kamara + Andrews/Henry for a WR1, since you’re pretty set at RB. Then you’d have 2 RB1s and 2 WR2s

Another bump for some more advice