Sell Evans high?

I am hurting after losing Barkley this past week. I was thinking of trying to sell Evans after a big week and trying to get McCoy and Tate whose owner could use some WR help. Does this seem like a good trade or no?

McCoy and Tate is NOT selling Evans high… lol

Do better :slight_smile:

Considering the disappointment he gave the first two weeks and the fact Godwin seems to be eating his lunch I am kind of low on Evans at the moment

sounds like a you issue… don’t sell a WR1 for WR flex prices

So who would you recommend targeting?

I wouldn’t sell Evans… because there will be plenty more W3 weeks ahead… but if you absolutely must… I think Ingram would be my target #1… Mack, DJ, Henry, Melvin Gordon… that kind of haul

Someone like Josh Jacobs or Joe Mixon and a flex WR

So you like a Derrick Henry and Tate combo better? Doubt I could get DJ and Tate. (I have Daniel Jones so I am looking for a stack)

Ya that’s honestly terrible value for Evans. McCoy had a good game with Williams out (which won’t be much longer) and then Tate is still unknown. I wouldn’t sell him as an Evans owner, but if you’re targetting a RB, you could probably get Gurley, or else Mark Ingram is honestly a great RB this year and then a WR flex. You could really cash in on someone who is RB deep and WR weak though.

Why is Tate attached to everything? lol…

Henry for Evans straight up is fair value IMO… I’d go after Ingram first tho

Up to you… ur team bud…

I am on the struggle bus after starting 0-3. Had the #2 ranked team after the draft and now im ranked dead last so its a bit of a panic mode situation for me trying to get anything going my way.

I agree that Ingram for Barkley is a solid trade, along with DJ, Mixon, Mack, Fournette, even Conner.

Don’t understand the need to stack…really. If you go for Henry, then definitely get another piece with it (Tate?).

I have a better idea. Try to negotiate Barkley ASAP for best deal, and post those proposals here. You may have someone who has the record and leverage willing to deal, while taking possibly the half season hit in his IR instead of yours.