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Sell high on Ajayi?


Bell owner offers to swap bell for Ajayi (me) and I already snagged James Conner


Should mention I also have Alfred Morris Tarik Cohen and Sony Michel on my bench to go with Howard 0.5 ppr


Probably worth the risk…Ajayi’s usage last night was scary, I own him too and was furious that they played sproles over him to start the game…wtf


Heck yea man. I’d flipped him for Ajayi.


I think I would for sure. You have the Steelers backfield locked up and have a top 3 RB when Bell returns. Ajayi is good, but he has awful knees.


I was surprised too. He had a good game saved by 2 TD’s but he is suppose to be “the guy”

My only guess is that even though they removed him from Q. (for his foot issue) they still used him light because of it?


I would do it, Ajayi won’t pouch two touchdowns again. The usage last night was how I feel the rest of the season will go. They like Sproles and will continue to use him and Clement both. I was surprised as well to see Ajayi not featured more. I would sell high. Bell is coming back and when he does, you will be happy to have him.


Yeah i think that’s a good value, Ajayi does have two decent matchups coming up (TB and IND) but you cant wait for Bell news. Plus as you’ve got Conner and enough guys to cope until he’s back you’ll be fine. I’d lock it up asap


I’d do it in a heartbeat.


Heck yeah take that deal!