Sell high on Carlos Hyde? full PPR

Hyde got 22 carries but only ran for 62 yards and luckily got a td to make it look a little nicer. His YPC was pretty bad against a decent defense. Do I sell high on hyde now before the browns start getting spanked?
current roster:
qb: stafford
rb: kamara, D.J., Howard, Miller, J.Williams, S.Michel
wr: Diggs, Sanders, Anderson, cole
TE: Njoku, seals-Jones

Yeah… I think you have enough depth at RB… I’d try and get you a WR2 for hyde

Hyde will never make your starting line up. Package him and go get an upgrade at WR.

What’s a package I could do for a nice WR2? I tried to offer Hyde and Miller for Hilton, he said maybe but probably not.
I actually just got a trade offer from someone trying to get rid of baldwin, but not for hyde. Not sure if I should pursue baldwin considering the injury concern though.
Some of my WR targets would be Cooks and Juju

Hyde and Miller (assuming lamar?) is close for TY. Honestly, if he’s desparate at RB, he should take that.

Do not pursue Baldwin. I faded him all offseason cause of the injury but I ended up drafting him in one league cause he fell to me at value and now am hating life. It’s a 10 man full ppr and I am honestly considering dropping him. Don’t deal with that headache. Carroll came out and basically said he’s not playing this week and probably not playing week after in dallas and day to day after that. That’s not what you want to hear. Especially if you’re looking for a WR who can produce right away.

I would target the Bell/McKinnon owner in your league. They are likely most needy of RBs. Cooks and JuJU are great targets. I loved what I saw from Rams/Cooks yesterday. They are using him and moving him everywhere. And setting him up for huge play actions down the field. Eventually, those are going to connect and he is single handedly going to win you the week. Get him now while you still can.

If you can, sell Anderson now. I think Quincy is the better stash.

Trading Hyde + Miller / Jamaal Williams/Anderson/Cole are all good options.

Or , try and trade Sanders + Hyde to get a WR1 off of Sander’s big game. I’m a huge sanders fan, he’s my dark horse to finish as a low-end WR1. Last year’s thielen but if you can use him to upgrade to an elite WR, I’d do it.

Yes Lamar Miller. If that trade doesn’t go through I’ll go to the Cooks owner and make one of those offers. The Cooks owner also happens to be the Bell owner, score!
I hear you on the Baldwin situation, I was thinking of avoiding him completely as well but if the guy takes baldwin for hyde straight up I may be interested. More preferably I’d like Hilton though.
The guy with hilton is pretty desperate at RB considering he has Collins, Carson, Cohen, Barber so I hope to convince him of the trade somehow.
I also believe in Quincy more than Anderson as well, been trying to get rid of him today but no one’s really interested.
I also like Sanders this year as well, which is why I’m not trying to trade him. If he had some decent QBs in the past years he would be a consistent top 15ish Wr and now he finally has a gun slinger.