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Sell high on cooper?


This game has me believing in cooper again. But I was just offered TY Hilton and Chris Thompson for him. Standard league. I could use the rb depth with lynch being such a bust.


Damn that’s tough, especially because TY might not have Luck come back anytime soon, if at all this season. I think I believe in Cooper too much for that, but who else do you have in your roster? If you need Chris Thompson, then it might be best for your team.


I have jordy and Julio so ty would mostly be in the flex. My other rb is demarco who is looking banged up.

Side note- he just offered to add cousins to the deal and switch Thompson for mixon if I want. Also I need wins now record is not doing so great


I would do it if he is offering Hilton, cousins, and Mixon. If you need wins you can’t do much better than that


Oh definitely for 3, you need the wins now too :+1:t4: