Sell high on Damien Harris?

14 team league, 0.5ppr. Harris looked great but I don’t trust him going forward. Should I try to sell high? Considering offering him for Cooper Kupp, owner is starting Hines and Malcolm Brown. Thoughts? Would leave me somewhat thin at RB but a lot of people are in our 14 team league plus my WRs are lacking.

My RBs: AJones, Carson, RoJo, Zack Moss, Damien Harris

My WRs: DJ Moore, AJ Brown, Marvin Jones, Alshon Jeffery, Golden Tate

I was thinking about doing the same thing…I have been disappointed with dj Moore, and my rbs are pretty deep. I got an offer of keenan Allen for him, and I’m leaning towards moving him…I think I like Allen more than kupp, but this concept is fine by me. Would you move him for Allen?

I think I’d move him for Allen too, especially with Ekeler gone. That’s nice you got the RB depth, but does mine seem okay if I considered Harris for Kupp?

Remember Bill Belichek hates your fantasy football team.

I’m trying to move Harris to the Ekeler and Chubb owners. I believe Harris has another good week but then he has a bye and the following week Sony comes off IR. Now is the time to move if you question his long-term value.

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I think @jrfearr makes a good point. His long-term value is in jeopardy with Belichek, Bye, and Michel all coming into play. Moving him for Kupp or Allen if possible sounds like the best play, especially with your current WR situation.

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