Sell High on Drew Brees?

Brees has been QB2 in my league through 5 weeks, but with the return of Ingram, I’m a little worried that the offense will return to the run heavy approach they took last season, and Brees’ production will plummet.

Should I try to shop Brees in a package with someone like Amari Cooper for a high end WR1?

Would Cooper & Brees for Adam Thielen be a good trade for ROS? I would probably be rolling with Jameis Winston and Baker Mayfield going forward, playing the matchups at QB.

if you can get theilen do it because jameis and baker will be good enough. The saints have a tough schedule coming up so brees might throw it as much but they have so many goal-line options to where you can’t count on him getting 2-3 TDs every week.

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Thanks, I think I am definitely going to shop him. Do you think Thielen is the right value for that package or could I maybe aim a bit a higher with a team that has a really bad QB situation?

I realize Thielen is the WR1 right now, but is that sustainable? I think I’d still rate a few guys ahead of him ROS . . .

thielen is a great option, obivously having 5 straight 100 yard games is crazy and you have to expect some drop but i think he is going to continue those numbers with in reason. He is averaging 11 targets a game for 9 catches and 117 per game

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Thielen is every bit worth it. He is legitimately a good wide receiver. The rate he’s at is not sustainable but to be able to flip a qb for a top 10 wide receiver ROS is a no brainer.


I usually throw all trades into the FantasyPros trade analyzer to evaluate ROS impact, and for some reason, it says my team gets worse if I do the Thielen trade (even if I add Baker, who is currently a free agent, as a pick up)

However, I agree with you guys. It just seems like a good move. Thanks guys.

i always look at that stuff too but hard to tell from a rando site. not sure how they calculate. hoping the ballers developers are working on a trade analyzer for next season. been using the start/sit tool a lot this year.