Sell high on Ekeler?!

I am very deep at RB, but rather weak at WR. Should I try and sell Ekeler at his highest value for a #1 WR?

9 keeper dynasty league. Can only keep 4 as a max at 1 position.

QB Mahomes
RB Zeke, Saquon, Kerryon Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Devin Singletary, Austin Ekeler
WR Diggs, Kenny G, DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel
TE Kittle
K Gould

A sold him for Arron jones

I think I would sell him for sure with that back depth. Might be able to get a solid WR2. Don’t know if you will get a top end. If you really wanted a stud WR might have to flip Dalvin Cook.

Absolutely sell high, he will have some weeks like this but that Indy defense is meh and they don’t seem to have the easiest schedule .

try to trade one of your RBs for a WR, but you don’t necessarily need to sell Ekeler unless you’re getting great value back for him. at this point you’d be able to start saquon, zeke, dalvin cook and ekeler every week giving your team a huge boost. i’d rather want to move kerryon (you already own golladay ) or singletary

I don’t like having a WR and RB from the same team … so my thoughts were to try and get rid of maybe Kerryon and Diggs for a big time WR or Ekeler and Diggs for a true #1 WR??

Why don’t you like having two players from the same team? Seems a bit silly to me. If you had Gordon/Allen last year you were golden, Elliot/Cooper, OBJ/Saquon, White/Edelman, Hill/Hunt, etc.
Not saying you shouldn’t make a trade, but that logic to me doesn’t make sense. If I can get two players on a good offense instead of one, all the better.