Sell high on Fournette

I’m 3-1 in a 12 team PPR redraft, looking to sell high on Fournette. My roster:

QB-L. Jackson
RB-C. McCaffrey, L. Fournette, C. Carson
WR-C. Godwin, T. Boyd, S. Diggs, A. Robinson, C. Samuel
TE-D. Waller, O. Howard

Where should I look to upgrade, and who should I be targeting?

12 team PPR, I sold high, I traded Fournette & Alshon Jeffery for Kamara. It was his idea, I couldn’t hit accept fast enough

Based on my league, looks like my options are Melvin Gordon or Saquon Barkley. Either of them worth it?

I just can’t imagine fournette can keep this pace going

I agree, that’s why I’m looking to move on now if I can