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Sell High on Howard?


Hey guys,

I am looking to sell high on Jordan Howard but I am not sure who to target? HIs shoulder definitely scares me but I know his playoff schedule is super nice. Any thoughts?


I made a trade last week selling him but I wish I waited a week could’ve gotten more BUT I still got good value for someone I don’t trust.


I have Howard too. I totally know what you’re feeling, haha. Im keeping him. Who else is on your team? I have Kareem Hunt, Howard, Rob Kelley, Alvin Kamara, and Im dropping Perine. I love Howard’s schedule too, its one of the reasons I took him in the second round over other backs, and he clearly will be getting the ball alot this year.

I made the mistake of benching him this week. between last weeks dud and the injury. I would have lost either way.

Can your other backs keep your team going if you trade him? Who are you looking to get back? Do you need WR’s or a TE? You can get a good one for Howard after this week.


My team is

WRs: Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtee, Martavis Bryant, Devante Parker, Larry Fitzgerald, and Adam Thielen

RBSs: Shady McCoy, Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Doug Martin, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Derrick Henry

My only TE is Colby Fleener but I am usually streaming those depending on the match up.


I would do it, chicago Rbs trade starting spots like its their school lunch


I struggle to trust Howard, especially with Cohens emergence & his shoulder, he has a short week against GB on Thursday so may see less of the ball, he has Vikings after so a couple of tough weeks coming.

I have him too, I’m a little weak at WR so would look options there although I’m unsure who to target also.


You definitely need a new RB if you do this. Try to package tarik and Howard in a deal to someone for a Murray or an ajayi? He had a bad week so maybe you can pay low.


I hate the “emergence of Cohen” argument like Cohen isn’t in the exact role he was drafted to be in… a role that will never change regardless of what happens to Howard… Cohen is literally 5’6" 170lbs… I mean look at what happened to fellow small guy Sproles after he started getting actual volume this season… he got hit too hard one time and shattered half his body and is probably done for his career… Howard has displayed in the 2 games he’s actually played in why he’s so vital to the success of the offense… both players are currently in that low end RB1 high RB2 range in both standard and PPR with Howard actually putting up a virtual 0 in week 2… and I see a lot of people highlighting week 2 as if Howard was healthy, had his entire O-Line, and got actual volume… the problem with selling Howard now is you wont get anything anywhere close to his value… who do you really think you’ll get? You’d be lucky to get Murray and at that rate would you really even want him? Murray is in a legit 50/50 timeshare and if not for that 1 huge run, his numbers would’ve again been trash… and lets not pretend the Bears didn’t just beat the current AFC favorite and almost beat the stacked Falcons week 1… They’re a better team than they’re given Credit for and their best offensive lineman finally returned yesterday… IMO sit on Howard unless you can get RB1 or high end WR1 value for him… which you won’t unless you have people in your league who don’t look up any fantasy news since the entire fantasy community screaming to sell high on him now. And for what it’s worth the Bears do play the Browns week 16.


Murray is in a 50/50 timeshare and if not for that 1 big run he had yesterday he would’ve had another dud week… plus the team isn’t throwing him the ball this year… which was a massive part of his value coming into the year… I can’t argue against Ajayi talent wise other than his knees are already giving out and he has 14 games in a row to go… and you said Ajayi had 1 bad game so buy him… but Howard had 1 bad game so you need to run as far as possible… The only difference between the 2 bad games was that Howard was actually injured, barely saw the field, and was missing his best lineman lolol… I’m honestly far more concerned with Ajayi’s known health issues than I am with Howard losing a few touches (Howard still led the team in every category yesterday including receptions and receiving yards) to an explosive Gadget player that makes the Bears offense better, putting them in scoring position more often lol… I wouldn’t sell him for anyone cheaper than Ajayi and you won’t get anything better than Ajayi for him… so that’s the problem with selling Howard now.


Yeah I own Howard too and I’m with you… definitely keeping him… I mean if I could get RB1 value for him in a trade then sure but you wont get better than Ajayi or Murray and I want nothing to do with either of those guys… I’m keeping him because he proved yesterday and week 1 just how valuable he is to that team… Cohen didn’t even come close to Howard in touches and as long as Glennon isn’t turning the ball over, that’s how the game will go every week… plus we’ve had 1 week of Kyle Long (bears best olineman) back with the line… and Howard dominated what was supposed to be one of the best front 7’s in the league. IMO his value will only grow from here.


Jordan Howard is the Obviouse RB1 in Chicago, sure Cohne might have some of the ‘Hot hand’ but it will not last (at least in my opinion) Howard however is extremely tough, volume runner. Don’t sell him. I mean look who else is on that offense, Glennon? Dude looks like and plays like a giant chicken. Stick with Howard.


I’m debating buying Howard in
.5 PPR 12 team. I got the offer to trade Watkins and Ingram for Howard and either Ginn or Stills.

I’m hurting for RBs with Lynch, Ingram, Gore, T West, J Stew, and Tolbert. My WRs are Julio, Cooks, Martavis and Watkins. Just wanted to share what kind of value I’m considering, and would love some feedback too before I pull the trigger.